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Transforming health and care by listening. Focusing on what matters to the people involved. Turning health transactions into healing relationships.

Our health engagement solution improves the experience and delivery of care by listening to patients, providers, and community members – individually and at scale.


We drive value by distilling real-world perspectives into meaningful, actionable insights to help health organizations become more responsive and successful. This practical combination of digital and personal is the key to leading in the age of consumerism and value-based care.

Patients, Families, and Caregivers

PatientWisdom makes it easy to share stories about yourself, your health and your care with your care team. It's all about listening.

Patients, Families, and Caregivers

You are the expert on your life. You get better care when your healthcare team and health organization know what matters to you.

PatientWisdom is a safe website that makes it easy to share stories about yourself, your health, and your care.

Based on the information you share, PatientWisdom creates an inSIGHT summary to help your care team know what matters to you as a person.

And we make it easy to share ideas on how health organizations can improve.


Health Organizations

PatientWisdom helps you understand what matters to patients as people. That's real patient engagement.

Health Organizations

Knowing what matters to patients as people is the key to improving the delivery and experience of care.

PatientWisdom efficiently collects patient stories about themselves, their health, and their care. Our analytics turn experience data into actionable insights, bringing scientific rigor to the ‘soft stuff.’

We provide deep understanding and clear visualizations of what patients want and need, from their perspective.

And all from a HIPAA-compliant platform that is seamlessly integrated with EHRs and patient portals.

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We hear you.

Real Impact for Patients

By using Patient Wisdom, I’m giving a gift to my doctor. And to myself. My doctor has an easy way to learn what’s important to me, so I get better care.

Real Impact for Providers

I just learned something new about my patient from PatientWisdom. She's been my patient for 13 years and I didn't know that she does not like to be called by her first name.

Our partners are leaders.

We work with health organizations that are committed to turning health transactions into healing relationships.


Some of our partners – Froedtert & The Medical College of Wisconsin, OSF HealthCare, and Yale New Haven Health – have invested in PatientWisdom as well.

Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin | PatientWisdom OSF Healthcare | PatientWisdom Yale New Haven Health System | PatientWisdom


We’re also working closely with leading organizations across the country to improve health and care by creating more vibrant relationships with patients and providers.

Allina Health | PatientWisdom Coastal Medical | PatientWisdom Mercy North Iowa | PatientWisdom Mercy Health ACO | PatientWisdom
Massachusetts General Hospital Healthcare Transformation Lab | PatientWisdom Univeristy of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics | PatientWisdom

St. George's University School of Medicine | PatientWisdom University of Colorado | PatientWisdom WellSpan Health | PatientWisdom

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