Here are key quotes from a video in which patients and physicians at Yale New Haven Health shared perspectives on PatientWisdom:

It gives us a glimpse of the patient from a perspective we might not have even addressed. It isn’t just little notes I had in the paper chart. It’s what the patients are telling me is important to them.

Barbara Ward MD, Surgeon, Northeast Medical Group, Yale New Haven Health System

Oh it was very easy, very easy to navigate. All the little tabs told you what to do, and I understood. I was happy to fill everything out so when I did meet the doctor, it was much more comfortable. So they knew a little bit about me; they had a little bit of insight about who I am.

Maria Scordo, Patient

PatientWisdom is a way of redirecting our perspective to seeing things through the eyes of our patients. Because PatientWisdom gives them the opportunity to direct our gaze to what they feel is important. PatientWisdom enables us to more accurately meet the needs of our patients as defined by them, as opposed to how we come with preconceived notions of what’s important for them. That opportunity to partner with patients is really enhanced by getting that initial assistance in seeing things through their eyes.

Michael Bennick MD, Medical Director, Patient Experience, Yale New Haven Health System