Do we as an industry typically know what matters to our patients and how their lives affect their health and their health affects their lives? If we do, then three good things happen: patients feel better and their outcomes are better, provider experience goes up, and health organizations do better—readmits go down and margins go up. Listening to patients makes radical common sense, as Greg Makoul from PatientWisdom puts it.

PatientWisdom Founder and CEO, Gregory Makoul PhD MS, joins host Stacey Richter in the new "Some Radical Common Sense about Listening to Patients" episode of the Relentless Health Value podcast.

A key quote:

If we can make it easy for patients to share what they see as important and then give providers a very quick, reliable way to learn about the whole patient in their workflow, it makes a difference. And it makes a difference for both of them.

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