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Use PatientWisdom, ProviderWisdom, StudentWisdom, and CommunityWisdom to transform health and care by listening to the people involved


  • ◼︎Recognizing that people are experts on their own lives is the key to true engagement.
  • ◼︎Bringing humanity back into healthcare turns health transactions into trusting relationships.
  • ◼︎Understanding what matters to individuals is the missing link for driving value in healthcare.
  • ◼︎Distilling real-world perspectives into meaningful, actionable insights yields practical impact.
  • ◼︎When people receiving and delivering care have a voice – and are heard – everybody wins:
    • Patients, caregivers, and providers feel better.
    • Clinical encounters work better.
    • Healthcare organizations do better.


  • ◼︎Innovation = Ideas + Execution
  • ◼︎Simple, elegant solutions to the right problems are most likely to succeed.
  • ◼︎User-centered design helps make solutions delightful, feasible, and viable.
  • ◼︎Approaches that leverage communication science will optimize impact.


Efficiently collect, curate, and share real-world perspectives – individually and at scale – to generate actionable insights for improving the experience and delivery of care.


Radical common sense


  • ◼︎Agile
  • ◼︎Analytical
  • ◼︎Aware
  • ◼︎Collaborative
  • ◼︎Creative
  • ◼︎Curious
  • ◼︎Dedicated
  • ◼︎Design-minded
  • ◼︎Open-minded
  • ◼︎Rigorous
  • ◼︎Straightforward
  • ◼︎Streamlined
  • ◼︎Transparent

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