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Patient FAQ

What is the goal of PatientWisdom?

To improve health and care by listening to patients, turning health transactions into healing relationships for both patients and care teams.

Why should I use PatientWisdom?

The inSIGHT summary helps your care team learn what’s important to you. Even patients and providers who have known each other for quite a while say that they find the information very useful. As the PatientWisdom community grows, you will be able to search for information and, if you want, connect with other patients.

What is a story?

We know that stories are a great way to organize thoughts and share information. To make it easy, we provide brief questions on topics relating to yourself, your health, and your care. Your response to each set of questions is a “story.”

What does my care team see?

Your doctors and other members of your care team will see a summary of the information that you share. This inSIGHT summary will display your name and a photo that you provide. You can view what your care team sees by logging into your PatientWisdom account and clicking on inSIGHT.

What is the inSIGHT Summary?

Based on the stories you share, PatientWisdom creates the inSIGHT summary, an at-a-glance view to help your care team know more about what’s important to you. It displays information about you as well as your health goals, concerns, agenda, and preferred approach to healthcare. You can update the information anytime.

How will my care team know about the inSIGHT summary?

PatientWisdom is integrated with your electronic medical record to make it easy for your care team to access the inSIGHT summary. All providers who care for you at your healthcare system will be able to see your inSIGHT summary.

How is my information protected?

You can read about our careful approach to keeping information safe in our Privacy Policy.

What if I would like to use PatientWisdom, but need a friend, family member, or caregiver to help me?

A family member, friend, or caregiver can create an account for you. PatientWisdom captures whether someone completed stories on your behalf, and lets your care team know. If you decide that you want to manage your account on your own later, you can change your password to something only you know.

Do I need a computer to use PatientWisdom?

You can access PatientWisdom from any “smart device” -- phone, tablet, or computer -- that connects to the web.

What if I’m having trouble using the PatientWisdom website?

Please email -- we’ll help.