NEW HAVEN, Conn., March 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- PatientWisdom, Inc., the digital health company with a suite of solutions that improve health and care by listening to patients, providers, and community members – individually and at scale – today announced that Allina Health in Minneapolis, MN will launch the PatientWisdom solution.

"Knowing what matters to our patients is the key to delivering on our promise of Whole Person Care," explains Dr. Penny Wheeler, CEO of Allina Health. "PatientWisdom is the effective tool we've been looking for." 

PatientWisdom is a mobile-responsive website that offers seamless integration with electronic health record (EHR) systems and patient portals. Before a visit, patients complete templated stories to securely share information about themselves, their health, and their care. PatientWisdom distills the information into an at-a-glance inSIGHT summary that helps care teams understand what matters to patients as people.

The results are promising: Providers confirm that it only takes about 15 seconds to review the PatientWisdom inSIGHT summary in the EHR before seeing a patient; 90% of patients report that PatientWisdom improves communication with the providers who use it; 95% rate their visit as going extremely well, a marked improvement over baseline scores; and use has been associated with a meaningful reduction in new-patient no show rates.

Allina Health joins other forward-leaning health organizations including Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin, the Healthcare Transformation Lab at Massachusetts General Hospital, OSF HealthCare, and Yale New Haven Health in using PatientWisdom.

"We are delighted to be working with Allina Health – I'm a big fan of their vision for Whole Person Care," said Dr. Gregory Makoul, Founder and CEO of PatientWisdom, Inc. "The interest in PatientWisdom at all of our partners reinforces the power of making it safe and easy to focus on what matters to patients."

About PatientWisdom, Inc.

PatientWisdom, Inc. developed a digital health platform that improves the experience and delivery of care by listening to the people involved – individually and at scale. The company is based in New Haven, CT and offers three powerful solutions: PatientWisdom makes it easy to understand what matters to patients ahead of clinical encounters to transform the patient experience; ProviderWisdom obtains real-world insights from clinicians and staff to enhance engagement, address burnout and streamline care; CommunityWisdom produces a deep view of the community to give health organizations clear lines-of-sight for developing or partnering with programs people will actually use. The Tech Tribune named PatientWisdom, Inc. one of the Best Tech Startups in 2018 and 2019, and PatientWisdom was named "Most-Patient Centered" and an Audience Favorite at the Health Tech StandOut! Competition during the 2018 Connected Health Conference.