New Haven, CT -- July 28, 2020 –  PatientWisdom, Inc., the digital-health company with solutions that transform the experience and delivery of care by listening to the people involved, announced that its flagship solution is now available in the Epic App Orchard. PatientWisdom® distills information about what matters to patients into point-of-care insights to help clinicians and healthcare organizations deliver truly patient-centered care.

PatientWisdom’s HIPAA-compliant, mobile responsive website captures valuable contextual information directly from patients and integrates it into the clinician workflow. An at-a-glance inSIGHT summary is displayed in the electronic health record (EHR) to help busy clinicians better address patient needs, concerns, and preferences. PatientWisdom uses SMART on FHIR and Epic SmartData Elements to integrate with Epic, making it even easier to install and maintain.

Check out the App Orchard listing for PatientWisdom.

PatientWisdom, Inc. Founder and CEO Dr. Gregory Makoul highlights the benefit for healthcare organizations, clinicians, and, ultimately, patients: “The need to humanize care has never been more apparent. Our participation in the App Orchard makes it even easier for Epic clients to integrate PatientWisdom and use clinically valuable contextual data – real-world perspectives about goals, barriers, and preferences – to strengthen clinician-patient relationships and better meet patient needs.”

The company offers four solutions — PatientWisdom, ProviderWisdom®, CommunityWisdom® and StudentWisdomTM — all designed to augment standard information by focusing on what matters to key stakeholders.

  • PatientWisdom: Makes it easy to understand what matters to patients ahead of clinical encounters to transform the patient experience.
  • ProviderWisdom: Obtains real-world insights from clinicians and staff to enhance engagement, address burnout, and support care.
  • CommunityWisdom: Produces a deep view of the community to give health organizations clear lines-of-sight for developing or partnering with programs people will use.
  • StudentWisdom: Collects student and faculty viewpoints to improve learner well-being and the overall learning environment.

About PatientWisdom, Inc.
PatientWisdom, Inc. developed the Wisdomics® digital-health platform to improve the experience and delivery of care by listening to the people involved – individually and at scale. In 2020, PatientWisdom, Inc. was named to the Journal of mHealth’s Digital Health Global 100 companies with the greatest potential to change healthcare. The Tech Tribune named PatientWisdom, Inc. one of the Best Tech Startups in 2018, 2019, and 2020. The PatientWisdom solution won “Most-Patient Centered” and Audience Favorite at the Health Tech StandOut! Competition during the 2018 Connected Health Conference, and Technology Innovators designated Gregory Makoul one of the Top 50 Healthcare Technology CEOs for 2019. Learn more at

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