In his most recent article, "How to get the doctor to really see you", Michael L. Millenson discusses (3) key strategies for improving patient engagement that were highlighted at this year's SPM conference. In strategy #3 - Let technology pave the path - Millenson showcases PatientWisdom:

One possible aid, voted 'most patient-centered' at a health tech meeting held in concert with the SPM conference, comes from a company called PatientWisdom.

Founded by researcher Gregory Makoul, PatientWisdom’s mobile platform lets patients share their stories them in a manner that’s summarized for the entire care team via the electronic health record. Headings include, 'This makes me happy,' 'Health priorities/goals,' 'My agenda,' 'Biggest barriers to staying healthy' and 'What I wish my doctor asked me.'

Said Makoul, 'PatientWisdom has found the sweet spot between digital and personal.'

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