The need to humanize care has never been more apparent.

COVID-19 has put patients in hospital beds, scared and separated from their loved ones. And it's redefined outpatient care with a shift from in-person to virtual visits. Care teams are under enormous stress. So are trainees. Clinicians need to quickly learn what matters to patients, just as health organizations need to focus on what matters to people on the front-line — all while working to better understand the communities they serve.

Our HIPAA-compliant digital solutions humanize the experience and delivery of care by listening to the people involved, individually and at scale:

  • PatientWisdom makes it easy to understand what matters to patients ahead of virtual and in-person encounters to create real engagement – improves the patient and clinician experience.
  • ProviderWisdom obtains real-world insights from clinicians and staff to enhance engagement, address burnout, and support care.
  • CommunityWisdom produces a deep view of the community to give health organizations clear lines-of-sight for developing or partnering with programs people will use. See CommunityWisdom on Coping with COVID-19 Challenges.
  • StudentWisdom collects student and faculty viewpoints to improve learner well-being and the overall learning environment – even more important with hybrid and online learning.