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Patient perspectives are valuable, yet mostly unheard. PatientWisdom is a digital patient engagement solution that improves health and care by listening to patients, individually and at scale.

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PatientWisdom is a way of redirecting our perspective to seeing things through the eyes of our patients. PatientWisdom enables us to more accurately meet the needs of our patients as defined by them, as opposed to how we come with preconceived notions of what’s important for them.

- Dr Michael Bennick, Medical Director of Patient Experience, Yale New Haven Health System    

How PatientWisdom Works

Patients, families, and caregivers use PatientWisdom to share brief ‘stories’ about themselves, their health, and their care. We run analytics to distill information about what matters to patients, and drive value by integrating actionable insights into everyday workflows. Intuitive high-level visualizations are coupled with the ability to access patient-level detail.

PatientWisdom's patient engagement software solution is mobile-responsive, and we offer seamless integration with EHR systems and patient portals. Ahead of clinical encounters, patients complete templated stories about what is important to them as people. Busy providers report that it takes about 15 seconds to review the PatientWisdom inSIGHT summary before seeing a patient – they are getting information that helps them do better without taking longer.

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Patients feel better.
Many patients, families, and caregivers feel disconnected, uncertain, and alone.
PatientWisdom gives patients a simple, elegant way to help their care team know what matters to them as people – ahead of clinical encounters – turning transactions into relationships: 90% of patients report that it improves communication with their clinicians.

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Clinical encounters work better.
Physicians and teams are busier than ever, making it harder to connect with their patients.
PatientWisdom creates at-a-glance inSIGHT summaries – accessible via the EHR – a quick and reliable way to learn what matters to patients so they can do a better job without taking longer. As a physician said: “It would take me 45 minutes to get all of this info.”

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Healthcare organizations do better.
Most organizations approach patient engagement on their terms, not on patients’ terms.
PatientWisdom captures and reports actionable insights from the patient point of view to optimize relationships, loyalty, and reimbursement as well as clinical, operational, and strategic decisions.

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Patient: By using PatientWisdom, I’m giving a gift to my doctor. And to myself. My doctor has an easy way to learn what’s important to me, so I get better care.

Physician: It would take me 45 minutes to get all of this information.

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About PatientWisdom, Inc.

Our Wisdomics™ platform transforms the experience and delivery of care by listening to the people involved – patients, providers, and community members – individually and at scale. We capture real-world perspectives via our mobile-responsive digital solutions and distill the information into meaningful, actionable insights to help health organizations become more responsive and successful. This practical and powerful combination of digital + personal is the key to leading in the age of consumerism and value-based care. Our health system partners recognize this, and three of them are also investors.


Makes it easy to understand what matters to patients, ahead of clinical encounters, to improve the experience and delivery of care.


Obtains real-world insights from clinicians and staff to enhance engagement/alignment, address burnout, and streamline care.


Produces a deep view of the community to enable clear lines-of-sight for developing or partnering with programs that people will use.

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