The Wisdomics™ Health Engagement SaaS Platform

Wisdomics™ is a Health Engagement Software as a Service (SaaS) Platform that powers our digital solutions: PatientWisdom, ProviderWisdom, and CommunityWisdom.

Gathers information.

Allows us to create a series of topical prompts to elicit stories (or responses) from users in both identifiable and anonymous modes. Responses can take the form of unstructured (i.e., codable) textual and video responses, as well as common types of structured (i.e., countable) responses associated with matrix, checkbox, or radio-button items. The platform supports translation into languages beyond English and tracks any changes to the topics and/or responses over time.

Distills information.

Facilitates technology-enabled content analysis of unstructured responses, with the ability to review for quality control and calibration. More specifically, individual responses are segmented into thought-units and coded for themes, subthemes and, when relevant, sentiment. Runs analytics on both the product of content analysis and on structured responses. Transforms responses into visual representations (e.g., graphs, scales, iconography) for intuitive scanning by end-users.

Reports meaningful insights.

At the N=1 level, extracts essential information from user responses to produce brief summaries of what matters to users. At the population level, automatically creates reports and summaries for stakeholders with high-level visual representations of aggregated themes, subthemes and, when relevant, sentiment, with the ability to drill-down to de-identified responses. These population-level reports can be filtered by demographic, time, and organizational variables.

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